Spring Boot Overview

Spring Boot is a Spring module that provides the RAD feature to the Spring framework. Spring Boot makes easy to create a stand-alone, production-based application that can “just run” with very little configuration. It doesn’t generate code and not require an XML configuration.

You can create a Java application that can run by command java -jar or create traditional web application by creating war and deploy on the server.


  • Spring Boot Current Version: 5.3.15 Release (June 9, 2021)
  • Written in Java
  • Website: https://spring.io/

Spring Boot Advantages

  • Spring Boot Create stand-alone Spring applications that can be started using uber jar i.e java -jar.
  • Spring Boot embed Tomcat, Jetty or Undertow directly. You don’t need to deploy WAR files explicitly
  • Spring Boot provides featured ‘starter’ POMs to simplify your Maven configuration.
  • Spring Boot automatically configures Spring dependencies whenever possible.
  • Spring Boot provides production-ready non-functional features (metrics, health checks, security and externalized configuration) by the actuator.
  • Spring Boot required no XML configuration and also not generate any code.

Spring Boot Disadvantages

Spring Boot also have some of disadvantages as below:

  • Main challenge with Spring Boot is lack of control of developers with starters because install additional dependencies (that often not used) which increase the application deployment file size.
  • Spring boot is good for microservices which are deployed over containers but i would not recommend to use in a large or monolithic based applications.

Spring Boot Features

  • Spring Application
  • Web Development
  • Application Events and Features
  • Externalized Configuration
  • Profiling
  • Properties Files
  • YAML support
  • Type-safe Configuration
  • Logging
  • Security
  • Admin Features
  • Internationalization

Spring Boot Version

  • Spring Boot 0.9 Release in 2002
  • Spring Boot 1.0 Release in 2003
  • Spring Boot 2.0 Release in 2006
  • Spring Boot 3.0 Release in 2009
  • Spring Boot 4.0 Release in 2013
  • Spring Boot 5.0 Release in 2017
  • Spring Boot 5.2.4 Release on February 25, 2020
  • Spring Boot 5.3.15 Release on June 9, 2021


Happy Learning !!!

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