Flyway and Liquibase both are database schema migration applications so having lots of similarities apart from it having lots of differences also.

What is Flyway?

Flyway is a schema version control application to evolve your Database schema easily and reliably across all your DB instances. Flyway is helpful to handling database migrations or also called as schema migrations.

What is Liquibase?

Liquibase is an Open Source tool which keep track of database schema script revisions. It can handle variety of database types and accepts a variety of file formats for defining the database structures.

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Difference Between Flyway and Liquibase

These are the main differences between Flyway and Liquibase database migration tools.

Generate SQL for youNoYes
RollbackYes, AvailablePaid Service
Different utilities to compare two DBYesNo
Target roll back for any single change and targeted rollback for a set of changesPaid ServiceNo
Ability to manage change files versions in variety of ways and use reporting and monitoring dashboard.NoYes
Specified file formatSQL, XML, JSON, YAMLSQL
Repeatable MigrationYesYes
Pre conditionsYesNo
Dry RunYes, AvailablePaid Service
Flyway and Liquibase comparison

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