Online Training Courses

Get Your Dream Job & Enhance your Skills

We are having good experienced IT industry instructors in multiple technologies to provide trainings on your preferred technologies and boost your skills as per the market demand and make you comfortable to work on corporate world.

We provide online trainings, mentors and prepare the candidates for interviews to get the dream jobs in preferred skills.

Our Online Training & Courses

JAVA01Java Programming Basics (30 Hours)5000/-
JAVA02Java Advance Programming (25 Hours)5000/-
JAVA03Java Interview Preparation (20 Hours)5000/-
SPRING01Spring Core & Spring Boot (45 Hours)7000/-
SPRING02Spring Core & Spring Boot Interview (20 Hours)5000/-
HIBERNATE01Hibernate Application Development (25 Hours)5000/-
HIBERNATE02JDBC, HIBERNATE & Spring JPA Interview Preparation (20 Hours)5000/-
ELK01Centralize Logging (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Filebeat, Kibana) (30 Hours)9000/-
ELK02Filebeat, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana Interview Preparation (20 hours)5000/-
API01REST & SOAP API Training (30 Hours)5000/-
FULL01Full Stack Application Development (50 Hours)10000/-
MEAN01MEAN Application Development (50 Hours)10000/-
COLG01College Students Campus Interview Preparation (30 Hours)8000/-

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