Top 50 : Most frequently asked programs in an interview

Sometimes in an interview the interviewer not asked the straight forward questions related to programming and data structures, to check the interviewee knowledge they tuned the questions and ask for write program or algorithms. if you are having the good knowledge of types of sorting’s and data structures you easily tell the solutions.

In case if you will suggest some other own solutions apart from standard one then interviewer can come up with next questions related to complexity and performance so you need to convenience them with your satisfactory answers.

Based on my journey from freshers to Tech Lead then as Architect given lots of the interviews where interviewer asked similar types of questions with different ways. As I am comfortable with Java language so solutions of questions implemented in JAVA only you can understand the logic and change according to your requirement.

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Top 5o: Most frequently asked programs in an interview

I have categories these programs in two parts one for Basic program which is basically for students or freshers while the advance programs are for experienced developers and leads to check coding as well as data structure knowledge.

Advance Programs

  1. Factorial of Number by Recursion
  2. Reverse String through recursion
  3. Bubble Sort/ Sinking Sort Java Program
  4. Binary Search Java Program
  5. Linear Search Java Program
  6. Sort Date Object and Text Format by Java Program
  7. Sort objects  in ascending and descending order by Java Comparator
  8. Sort objects in ascending and  descending order by Java Comparable
  9. Sort ArrayList in Ascending or Descending Order or Natural or Chronological Order

Let me know your thoughts on these programs and also share if you have some others program to help.

Happy Learning !!!